Ball Valves – Types and Applications

Ball Valves are used to control the flow of the water or any other liquid. The industry has various demands according to the pressure that is having. For case, some of the industries that are dealing with high pressure of water will need the standard quality materials whereas there will be some industries where the amount of the flow will matter.

SKG Pneumatics Inc has been dealing all the type of valves such as Gate valves, Globe Valves, Ball Valve with strainers, Check Valves & Non-return Valve, Gate & sluice valve, Pressure Reducing Valve, Shutoff valves.

There are different types of Ball Valves available in our store. All of these valves used in Plumbing are built with the standard raw material to maintain durability.

Types of Ball Valves
There are many types of valves that are used in the industries. We provide all the valves that you need for all the industries. All the valves are built with great raw materials and the quality to ensure the durability of the product. Along with all of these, we also know about the budget of our customers and hence all the valves are affordable to buy for any of the customers. Here are the different types of valves that we offer

Split-Body Ball Valve: Here the body is divided in two different parts and the cover along with the ball, seat rings are present.
Top-Entry Ball Valve: They are available in various size and used by the people who are looking for having a single piece body with the top entry.
End-Entry Ball Valve: In this product, the ball is inserted at one end and is retained from other. These are the most affordable valves and are also available in large size.
Three-Piece — Body Ball Valve: Her body is divided into the 3 parts where one main part is for holding the internals and the stem is released from the top where a hole is given.
Double Trunnion Ball Valves: The ball is added with the two other integral shaft extensions. These are called the bottom and top trunnions. These are made to hold and for the shaft to rotate freely. A top shaft is used to open and close.

Also, if any of the valves have any variation, we also provide them. All of these are easy to install and will last for a long duration of time. You can use any of these for each and every need.

Functions and Applications of Automatic Balancing Valve

Automatic balancing valves are used in heating and cooling systems where water flows through the system. Balancing valves are used to ensure the correct distribution of water flow within the system. Water flows from one system to another. When water is flowing in this way it is possible that the pressure is not consistent enough. This can lead to an inconsistent output. To control and regulate these valves are used.

Functions of balancing valves

When Check Valves & Non-return Valve are used in hydronic systems, it ensures a proper design flow within the system leading to a better working of the cooling system where it is being used. Apart from this the other functions of automatic valves are:

  • They work as pressure independent control valves and help to limit flow to achieve the desired rate of flow.
  • It is an automatic valve and does not require manual intervention. This makes it simpler to use and there is no dependence on external persons.
  • Ensures the best flow rate that can improve the efficient working of the system.
  • Valves help to eliminate vibration and noise from the system where they are used.
  • Automatic valves help to achieve better temperature control and cooling is more effective.
  • Since it is automatic in nature, there is no need for a person to be employed to physically operate the valves, thus it leads to savings in terms of labor and time – this translated to savings in money.
  • Easy addition of additional devices to the system without having an effect on balance.

Uses and applications of balancing valves

Automatic control valves have many uses and applications. It is commonly used in applications like:

  • It is used in HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Cooling) systems used in large commercial and residential buildings to ensure temperature control.
  • It is used in chilled ceilings where a cooling effect has to be produced.
  • It can even be used in fan coil units.
  • It can be effectively used in any heating or cooling system where a balanced flow is needed.


Automatic balancing valves are very useful devices used in most cooling systems. When an organization wishes to buy and install these valves, they need to make sure they get it from one of the leading suppliers of Balancing valve. A well-known manufacturer and supplier would ensure quality in the valves. Durability and reliability are what one needs to look at while buying these valves.

Different Types of Check Valve and Its Applications

Check valves are designed to pass flow the fluid in one direction with minimal resistance and prevent reverse flow or damage to the passage. Check valves are the most important valves included in any system, whether household or industrial system. Different Check valve Types are designed for different applications.

How does Check valve work?

A check valve is constructed with a valve body, cover, and disc attached to a hinge and swings away from the valve seat to allow the flow of the fluid passing.

Types of Check Valves:

1. Swing Check Valve

The disc is unguided in a Swing Check Valve, when it moves to fully open position or to a fully closed position the fluid flows in a forward direction with minimal resistance. Many different discs and seat designs are made available by SKG Pneumatics to satisfy requirements of varying applications.

2. Ball Check Valves

Ball Check valves are constructed with a spherical ball inside the body which helps to control the flow of the fluid. The ball rotates freely when the fluid is passing by. This unique process makes it ideal for installing it for a viscous fluid.

3. Tilted Check Valves

A tilted check valve is designed with a disc which has a pivot point at the center of the disc. When the flow is streamed the disc open and when it turns to reverse the disc closes immediately. This Tilted Check valve is mostly used in agricultural areas.

4. Dual Disk Check Valve

A dual disk check valve is designed to control the flow of the fluid, the hinge is connected to a plate which rotates and the stream is controlled when the hinge is moved.

5. Silent Check Valve

This check valve availed by SKG Pneumatic are designed to eliminate water hammer and are recommended to use in multi-story buildings. It consists of a spring attached to the disc which slowly closes when the water flow decreases, eliminating the hammering.

6. Nozzle Check Valves

Nozzle check valves are designed to stream the flow of gas, fluid or slurry in low pressure. This check valve doesn’t allow reverse stream as it closes when low pressure is felt than actual.

SKG Pneumatics is the solution to your all piping system including also Industrial Valves. These are some non-return valve designed and supplied by SKG Pneumatics accompanied by Advance, Zoloto, NVR, etc to maintain the safety and better piping system.