Different Types Of Hydraulic Valves

Hydraulic valves direct any type of flow of liquid medium through a hydraulic system and control the flowing fluid. There are different systems utilized in hydraulic to enable this to happen. Valves can be precisely worked (by handle, handle or cam), electric solenoid-worked, or pilot-worked (air or water powered weight incites the valve). A few valves utilize the weight of the circuit’s liquid to activate themselves, as with alleviation valves. Valves can likewise be incited with links, switches, plungers, torque engines, etc. There are many industrial valves supplier in the market which provides different types of valve for various purpose in which the most common valve the use water valve. Here some other valves which we supply to our clients.

Hydraulic Pressure Reducing Valve

Hydraulic pressure valve exerts its pressure by the hydraulic fluid in all the direction and exerts the force per unit area. Thus hydraulic pressure is used in various hydraulic systems like jaws of life, metal shears, automobile brakes, car crusher etc.

Butterfly Valve

A valve comprising of a pivoting round plate or a couple of pivoted half-circle plates appended to a transverse shaft and mounted inside a pipe so as to manage or forestall stream. Butterfly valves work comparatively to ball valves. Pivoting (rotating) the handle, either physically or with a pneumatic framework, turns the plate opposite or parallel to the stream of the liquid.

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Valve

A solenoid valve is an electrically enacted valve, regularly used to control the stream or heading of air or fluid in liquid power frameworks. Solenoid valves are utilized in both hydraulic pressure and pneumatic pressure power system, and regularly in either poppet or spool arrangements.

Check Valve

A check valve, non-return valve, reflux valve, maintenance valve or single direction valve is a valve that ordinarily permits liquid (fluid or gas) to course through it in just a single bearing.

Globe valve

It has a unique relation to ball valve, is a sort of valve utilized for controlling stream in a pipeline, comprising of a portable plate type component and a stationary ring seat in a for the most part round body. These globe valves are generally used in the petroleum industry.

Ball valve

A ball valve is a type of quarter-turn valve which utilizes an empty, punctured and rotating ball to control move through it. It is open when the ball’s gap is in accordance with the stream and shut when it is turned 90-degrees by the valve handle. The handle lies level in arrangement with the stream when open, and is opposite to it when shut, making for simple visual affirmation of the valve’s status.

Ball valves are solid, performing great after numerous cycles, and dependable, shutting safely even after extensive stretches of neglect. These characteristics settle on them a brilliant decision for shut off and control applications, where they are frequently linked to doors and globe valves, yet they come up short on their fine control in throttling application. India’s leading supplier – SKG PNEUMATICS INC  is a one-stop destination for a complete range of industrial equipment, customized to the requirements of various industries.

Pressure Reducing Valve – Applications & Installation

Pressure Reducing Valves or more commonly Water Pressure Reducing valves lower the pressure of in rushing water/ steam/fluid to a manageable and predetermined level usually at a constant level to make it safer. Utilized in residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial installations the downstream pressure is ensured through a pressure adjustment valve setting. The modern models also incorporate an external sensor for the same purpose. Similarly, the Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV) includes a tiny diaphragm type DPCV to ensure a constant differential pressure across the opening such that a constant flow rate is maintained.

Pressure reducing valves are categorized into two types — direct acting and pilot operated. These employ globe or angle style bodies. Direct acting valves have gained more popularity as they comprise globe-type bodies with a spring-loaded, and a heat-resistant diaphragm linked to the outlet valve that connects a spring. The spring, on the other hand, presets tension on the valve seat that is a pressure equalizing mechanism in order to gain precise water pressure control. 

SKG PNEUMATICS INC is India’s leading supplier and the top-notch, one-stop destination for a complete range of industrial products, customized to the requirements of various industries. Each product is a result of extensive testing and engineering excellence for trustworthy durability and resilience-ensured through multiple stringent quality controls. SKG PNEUMATICS partner with the best in the industry to bring best in class products including all valves like Ball valves, Air Pressure Reducing Valve, pressure regulator valve et al at great value due to its durability.  



  1. Determine first the inlet water pressure. Attain it BY ATTACHING  A PRESSURE GAUGE TO HOSE SILL Cock. Ideal house water pressure should be measured at around 50 PSI.
  2. In case pressure exceeds excessively, install the pressure-reducing valve.
  3. Using threaded pipe and fittings, attach a pressure gauge, an initial step to the pressure-reducing valve at each side.
  4. Place the pressure-reducing valve assembly against water pipe to draw the mark for cutting the pipe.
  5. After Shut off the water mains, drain water from the piping system.
  6. Employ a tubing cutter for removing a water pipe section, from the marks made in Step 4.
  7. Remove from valve assembly both the pressure gauges and rubber O-rings.
  8. Brush flux the valve assembly ends onto the ends of the water pipe.
  9. Solder valve assembly to the water pipe as part of the piping system that is made of copper.
  10. Reinstall the pressure gauges and O-rings, after assembly cools.
  11. After turning on the water take a reading of the pressure gauge placed on the outlet side of the valve.
  12. In case water pressure is above 50 PSI (too high), the adjusting screw on the valve should be turned counterclockwise.
  13. On the other hand in case the water pressure is less than 50 PSI ( too low )  the adjusting screw on the valve should be turned clockwise.


The same installation can follow all similar steps including pressure control valve, water prv.

In hydraulics, a pressure reducing valve serves the same purpose as apressure regulator valve in a compressed air system and will lessen the pressure in one branch but enable full system pressure operations at other branches. Installed directly after the water meter in homes, commercial buildings, and industrial plants, a ( water) pressure reducing valve automatically reduces the pressure to a lower, more utilizable pressure from the main supply.


  • Protecting electric hot water storage heaters and household appliances
  • Building and domestic installations
  • Collective installations
  • Industrial installations



Wafer And Lug Type Butterfly Valves

A butterfly valve is generally used in chemical or food industries to regulate or isolate the flow of liquid, gas and solid. The valve manufacturers are in high demand and new companies of valve manufacturers are rising in the market rapidly. Industrial Valve dealers in India offer high-quality valve as the demand is growing.


  • POPULAR BUTTERFLY VALVES– When it comes to the butterfly valve, there are four types including Wafer type end, lug type ends, butt welded type ends and both flanged ends. They have a wide demand in several industries like sugar, oil, chemical industries etc. Butterfly valves, mainly the wafer valves and lug type valves are always tested to meet industrial requirements.
  • DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WAFER AND LUG TYPE VALVES– The wafer body type valve is easy to install but cannot be used as isolation valve. They don’t have attachment lugs. Lug type valves, on the other hand, have lugs attached to the flanges on the end and can be removed easily.
  • DEMAND OF BUTTERFLY VALVESSupplier of butterfly valves is in high demand because these valves can be used even in high-pressure services. Butterfly valves need less time to open and close, thus maintenance costs compared to other valves like ball valves.
  • ADVANTAGES OF BUTTERFLY VALVES– Due to its lightweight design and compact nature butterfly valves is suitable as compared to other valves. They are most popular and high in demand among the Valves Suppliers in Delhi.  They can be widely used in cooling water, fire fighting, vacuum services with good performance.
  • OTHER TYPE OF BUTTERFLY VALVES EXCEPT FOR THE WAFER AND THE LUG– While the wafer type cannot be used as a pipe end, lug type can be used as a pipe end. The other two form of butterfly valves mainly the welded one is used for high-pressure applications.

With the demand of valves growing in the Indian market other valves like balancing valves, a globe valve, ball valve has also increased. Although, butterfly valves still remain the most popular particularly because of its low cost and easy installation.

Types of Pipe valve

Valve is a device that can control the flow and pressure of the fluid in a pipe. A few either starts or altogether stops the flow of fluid whereas there are some that partially obscures the path.

The different types of pipe valve are explained below in detail.

1. Ball Valves

Ball valves operate with a quarter-rotary motion. In a ball valve, the flow path is manipulated by the ball-shaped disk which requires a 90-degree turn of the valve handle. It is comparatively smaller in size and lighter than a gate valve.

2. Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valve can start, stop, and regulate the flow path but only to some extent. It is a simple valve that can be operated by a 90-degree turn of the valve handle. A butterfly valve is not normally designed to give a positive shut-off but modern technology has provided room for improvement in its blueprint. This valve is now capable of a bubble-tight shut-off.

3. Check Valves

Check valves, or NRVs (non-return valves), supports the unidirectional flow of fluid only. Their function is to check backflow. In check valves, backflow is prevented by “stoppers”. The different kinds of “stoppers” are ball, piston, and swing. Ball and piston check valves work by demanding a little amount of inbound flow pressure. The movement of fluid in a swing check valve is through a pivoting flap which opens only in one direction and ensures that there is no backflow.  

4. Gate Valve

Gate valves are the most ordinary and the most frequently sold valve type in the industrial valve trade. These act as a block valve for isolating pipe systems since their properties are limited to either opening or closing. There is no restriction in the flow path once a gate valve is opened as it opens all the way. Gate valves are preferred in a straight-line system that requires minimum obstruction. You can regulate a gate valve with the help of a hand-wheel or a piston actuator.

5. Pressure Reducing Valve

If you are looking for a device to reduce the water pressure, pressure reducing valve is your answer. These valves get down to work by bringing down the quantity of water that flows through a pipe. With the valve, water that was pushing through the pipes at high pressure will be efficiently slowed down.


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One Stop Solution For All Your Industrial Needs

There are certain products for which you can’t help but trust the best. In that case, there is one name that you can trust for all your industrial needs. It is none other than SKG Pneumatics. In this world of multi brands and products, getting bluffed for poor quality fake products might go on and be detrimental for one’s business or other industrial needs. That is why we at SKG Pneumatics strongly believe that there are two chief reasons that are to be maintained:

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We are suppliers one of the best manufacturing equipment that has valve mechanisms like Gate & sluice valve, Hydrant Valve & Landing valve. We ensure the best quality in these products since we do proper market survey before stocking and delivering our products, to understand the current market needs.

The top reasons for choosing our products from SKG Pneumatics are:

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Our chief products and some of their usage are the follows:

  • Y & Pot strainers
  • Check valves & Non-return valve
  • Hose Pipe, Rubber Bellows
  • Fire equipment – The Fire fighting equipments are the equipment designed to extinguish or put off fires or protect the user from the fire. this equipment is usually used by trained fire fighters, as well as untrained users at the scene of a fire breakage or similar unfateful situations. These are often built into a building’s infrastructure (such as a sprinkler system).
  • Strainers – The strainer plays a pivotal role in maintaining fluid circulation through the pump constantly. It prevents blocking of nozzles and provides optimal operation of the sprayer.
  • Gate & sluice valve – Sluice valve is a kind of valve which is opened by lifting a round or rectangular gate or a wedge which is out of the path of the fluid. It is because of their ability to cut through liquids, the gate valves are often used in the petroleum industry.
  • Hydrant Valve and Landing valve –  Hydrant Valves are the valves which are fitted on the post of hydrant stands. The Landing Valves are used for firefighting operations. It is offered on the riser in buildings. The Landing valves are mainly placed typically in the staircase landing for firefighters to have access easily. Landing valves is undoubtedly an important part of a hose system for firefighting. Hydrant Valve & Landing Valve both are the same type of important valve used for firefighting.

At SKG Pneumatics our industrial products are the ones made up of manufacturing materials and plants, machinery and any other component or goods used by other firms or industries. Our industrial designer’s brand partners can make innovative designs which are functional and affordable for one and all. We use quality industrial products, for which they can explore the design concepts.

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Classifications of Valves According to Functions and Motions

When you are installing a piping system in your building or industry, here is some information provided by SKG Pneumatics that will help you to get the services accordingly. SKG is a one-stop for all types of industrial piping devices with a rugged quality.

Classification of valves according to functions

1. For isolation to the piping system – Gate Valves, Ball Valves, Plug Valve, Butterfly Valve, Diaphragm Valve etc are included.

2. For regulation  Globe valve, Butterfly Valve, Needle Valve, Ball Valve etc are included to provide regulation in the flow of the fluid in the piping system.

3. Safety Relief – Pressure Relief Valves, Vacuum Relief Valves are included.

4. Non Return Swing check valve, lift check valve are included.

Special purpose valves-multi port valve, float valves, foot valves, knife gate valve, knife gate valve are included for special types of works mostly done in a household or small piping system done for any buildings.

Classification of valves according to motion

1. Linear motion valves – These are the valves that have a stem sliding closure part like slat, plate or disc, or diaphragm which raise or lower the closure part by moving the handle or grip to the device. This comes with easy design, easy maintenance, versatility in sizes, pressure classes etc. These valves are slower in operation but are more accurate in shutting or opening the flow. SKG provides you with a series of valves functioning under motion like Gate, Globe, and Diaphragm valves etc

2. Rotary motion valves – Rotary valves include a closure part that rotates in the body and opens or shuts the flow when a lever attached is made to quarter turn. They come with larger pore size, cost-effective but limited in applications with pressure drops. SKG caters you all type of valves that comes with a rotary motion like Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, and Plug Valves etc.

The SKG Pneumatics is catering the products that are needed by any type of piping system. They are incorporated in 2005 and have various partners that also cater the devices like an Advance valve, Zoloto valves, NVR Valves, Easyflex Valves and New age Fire fighting equipment. In this new age, firefighting equipment includes Flexible drops, RRL Hose, Sprinklers, Branch Pipe, Hose Reel Drum and Hose Pipe etc.  More of it SKG also deals in Rubber Bellows, that are designed to reduce the noise, vibration and absorb any thermal movements. These Rubber Bellows are vital to install in a piping system.

Valves, Strainers and Fire-Fighting Instruments Manufacturer Suppliers in Delhi

Industrial products are made up of manufacturing materials and plants, machinery and any other component or goods used by other firms or industries. Industrial designers can make innovative designs which are functional and affordable. Using quality industrial products, they can explore the design concepts.

Industrial products are made up of manufacturing materials and plants, machinery and any other component or goods used by other firms or industries. Industrial designers can make innovative designs which are functional and affordable. Using quality industrial products, they can explore the design concepts. The manufacturer and suppliers play an important role in the innovation of new products. Feature and application of some essential industrial products are given below.

1. Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV)The Pressure Reducing Valve (prv) is used to protect life, property, and environment. It acts as a safety device. It helps to control of pressure within the pipeline. It is used in water supply, construction industry, sugar industry, sewage applications and oil and petroleum industry. These valves are durable, suitable for water, easy to install and suitable for air.

2. Balancing Valve (Flanged)Balancing Valves help to convert an inconsistent input pressure from a system into a consistent output pressure for another system. It is mainly used in Boilers and heat exchanger. These valves are tamper-proof setting including lock-shield and hand-wheel and précised with double regulation. It involves low flow-noise emission and positive shut-off. These valves are available with or without Drain Cocks and Pressure Test Cocks. The procedure of installation and operation of this valve are easy and simple.

3. Hydrant Valve & Landing ValveHydrant Valves are fitted on the post of hydrant stands. Landing Valves are used for firefighting offered on the riser in buildings. Landing valves are mainly placed typically in staircase landing for firefighters to access easily. Landing valves is an important part of a hose system for firefighting. Hydrant Valve & Landing Valve both are the same type of valve used for firefighting.

4. Ball ValvesThrottle Valves or Ball Valves are used in water tanks, steam boiler etc. These valves help to lock on water and air easily.  These valves are small sized, less weight, easy to control torque and pressure. Ball valve with strainer is made up of rust proof stainless steel perforated sheet including strainer.

5. Strainer – The strainer plays an important role in maintaining fluid circulation through pump consistently. It prevents clogging of nozzles and provides optimal operation of the sprayer.

We at SKG PNEUMATICS INC have a wide range of industrial products caters to fulfill the needs of various industries. We always try to keep our product standards for satisfying your requirements and safety. We are an efficient supplier of industrial products which are available in various makes like Betaflo, Advance, NVR, Zoloto, Easy-flex, and New Age Fire Fighting Equipment.