Fire Fighting Types of Equipment and Valves

Fire Fighting Equipment, Hydrant Valve, Hose Reel Drum, RRL Hose,

AS FIREs are breaking out in commercial and residential buildings, the fire fighting system has emerged as the most critical system that has to be installed right in the beginning. This is the only way to protect human life and property. The fire fighting system usually consists of three basic parts:
1. Storage: a large store of water in tanks- underground or on the terrace.
2. A specialized pumping system, comprising an adequate network of pipes with hydrants
3. Sprinklers to deliver the stored water right at the place of fire.

A sprinkler is a nozzle linked to the pipes network that can be activated manually or automatically through sprinklers. Incorporated in 2005, SKG PNEUMATICS INC. suppliers of all industrial products like fire fighting system, fire sprinkler, ball valve, with built-in trust and reliability in this demanding domain where being failsafe is critical. Each product scores the highest in durability and engineering aspects and confirms or exceed international standards. Each undergoes stringent testing to conform to the highest standards of quality and all the principles, already possess ISO certification.

New Age Fire Fighting Types of equipment and Valves

We as SKG Pneumatics are dealing with New Age Fire Fighting Equipment, which is designed and fabricated with superior grading raw materials and the latest technologies. Our New Age Fire Fighting Equipment is of unmatched standards quality and guarantee increased productivity and optimum functionality. Fire Fighting Equipment as per requirement and provide them in varied specifications as well.

1. Sprinkler

1. Standard Response Sprinkler

Quick Response Sprinklers are of two types:
a) Pendant SprinklerQuick
b) Upright Sprinkler.

2.Concealed Type Sprinkler

New Age Concealed Sprinkler is designed to meet both aesthetic and practical requirements for airport, high-class hotel, luxurious apartment, and sports facility. Its unique concealed installation hides the sprinkler behind the cover plate assembly provides 10mm of field adjustment capability, resulting in an easily accomplished tight fit against the ceiling.

3. Quick Response Type Sprinkler

NewAge Quick Response Sprinkler is ideal for use in a polluted area where mass human damage is expected such as school, hospital, office building, hotel, restaurant, auditorium and other facilities with similar occupancy.
Quick Response Sprinklers are of two types:
1.Pendant SprinklerQuick
2.Upright Sprinkler.

2. Hydrant Valve

a) Oblique Type Landing Valve-Stainless Steel
b) Double Outlet Type Landing Valve – Stainless Steel
c) Oblique type Landing Valve – Gunmetal
d) Double Outlet Type Landing Valve – Gunmetal

3. Hose Reel Drum

4. Branch Pipe

5. RRL Hose

6. Draw Out Connection

7. Inlet Breeching

We as SKG Pneumatics suppliers of Industrial Valves have painstakingly assembled a workforce that is passionate to achieve customer satisfaction, completely in line with our company vision and work-ethics. Our goods form an important part of the workability of their respective machinery and system. We respect this fact and thus, ensure that each of our manufacturers delivers products adhering to international guidelines and standards.

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