Types and Functions of Strainers

Types and Functions of Strainers-blog

Strainers find their use as filters in separating solid particles from fluid flowing through a system or a pipeline. They can catch debris and dirt in a liquid which makes them very useful in plumbing scenarios. Plumbing components commonly include valves, engines, pumps, and nozzles, which can be severed affected by the presence of large solid dirt particles. Strainers effectively trap them and prevent expensive equipment from damage.

Strainers come in various shapes and sizes, with their names designed in accordance with their structures. They are mostly made of aluminum and copper which makes them suitable for use with water and makes them corrosion resistant. The most commonly used strainers are Y & Pot strainers. Pot strainers are also called basket strainers. Below are the functions of strainers based on their types:

  • Y Strainers: The most frequently used type of strainers. As its name suggests, it has a Y-shaped body, which ensures that it provides low resistance to fluid passage and lead to a low-pressure loss. This makes Y-strainers suitable for applications where the number of solid particles to be strained is less. This means it is less susceptible to being dirty and requires less cleaning. Hence it is used in pressurized pipelines, steam, liquid or gas, vacuum or suction situation.
  • Pot strainers:  Its design ensures that no interruption occurs in the system while cleaning the strainer by altering the flow of the fluid to a second strainer during the cleaning process. A system is in place to detect when the first pot or basket is full, so the flow is redirected to the second strainer and free the first pot for cleaning by the operator. Pot or basket strainers are used for applications involving strong chemical reactions and abrasives.

Some strainers come attached with ball valves. Ball valves are quarter turn valves, extremely sturdy and durable which sometimes makes them more desirable than globe or gate valves. But, it can only be used for on-off applications, and lack the regulatory features other valves have. Ball valve with strainer is more useful in fact, for its flow control traits with a particulate check.

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